Welcome to Buttetropolis

Dark Sevier is a multimedia artist and Mayor of a Trans-Dimensional Portal™ (accessible from undisclosed locations), who currently dwells in Butte, America.

He began his artistic endeavors as a 35mm photographer, standup comedian, writer, and graphic artist in 1990’s Los Angeles, California.

After 30 years of artistry and online wangjangling, this website which encompasses everything Dark works on is finally under construction. Pardon our dust!

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Current Top Projects

Zulu Summer Documentary Film

In September 2016, while serving as Music Director for Butte's community radio station, KBMF 102.5 FM, Dark Sevier received an email from an African Prince. Dark's farcical reply began a story that continues to unfold in remarkable and unexpected ways. The Zulu Summer documentary captures some of the early moments of this world-shrinking, mind-expanding relationship between radio stations, cultures, and continents.

Copacetic Conversations

What began as a friendship between community radio stations a world apart has developed in myriad directions. Dark Sevier and Mokai Malope are moving the cultural exchange forward with Copacetic Conversations, a Butte, America-based research and development project for creating a post-partisan dialogue touring event. The goal of Copacetic Conversations is to relearn how to have productive conversations about difficult and divisive topics.

Sculpture Art

Composting bits of culture, Dark Sevier’s sculptures are almost entirely sourced from the dump and scrapyard.

On the heels of the Koskimaki Landscape Project, Dark is working to unveil his first sculpture for the Broadway St. Sculpture Wall.

Simultaneously, Dark is constructing a kinetic sculpture for the Copper & Alaska commission. This piece will feature a 17-foot tall (5 meters) iron tower, topped with a mobile.

(Photo features the Pink Palace Dragon on East Granite Street in Butte.)

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