The Story So Far

L.A. 1992

Below you will find (parts of) Dark's Life Story

Dark Sevier works as a multi-media artist and Mayor of a Trans-Dimensional Portal™ (accessible from undisclosed locations) and currently dwells in Butte America.

Originally an Okie from Muskogee, Dark was raised in a right-wing apocalyptic cult. Through improvised de-programming rituals and augmented neurochemical conditions he escaped that reality bubble, and has since been popping in and out of others, not always willingly.

Dark began his artistic endeavors, as such,  as a 35mm photographer, standup comedian, writer, and graphic artist in 1990’s Los Angeles, California.

After 10 years in LA, Dark spent the first decade of the 21st century on the Island of O’ahu. In that time his art endeavors moved into blogging, digital photography, kinetic sculpture, miniature plant arrangements, and he continued to develop his stage work as a writer (various blogs), emcee and poet (India Café), talk show host (“A Dark Night at the rRed Elephant), and political rabble rouser (see his FBI file).

While on O’ahu Dark operated the only organic landscape nursery in the State of Hawai’i, developing expertise in the fields of sustainable farming, specializing in organics, permaculture, xeriscaping, and climate-specific landscape arrangements.



Dark was inspired to explore pen and ink abstracts in 1990 as a telemarketer for a bogus Israeli 35mm film distributor (that job ended after the Feds chased the proprietors out the back door of the office in South Central L.A.).

After testing the realm of small with Rapidograph pens on flat canvases, Dark turned to eggs as a canvas better suited to the detailed abstracts he was creating at the time. The egg was borderless, yet finite.

The Dragon Eggs, as they were dubbed in 1996, have been a recurring sculpture project for over 20 years. The egg evolved past the canvas-for-ink-drawing phase in 2000 shortly after moving to O’ahu. Inspired by the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi Sabi, Dark developed his own technique of using one egg as the armature to reassemble another broken egg.

Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 5.04.02 PM

Thousands of Dragon Eggs have been made and most have been given away. The process of creating and developing the technique proliferated in a way to outpace any marketing or sales strategy, so the eggs became an experiment in creating a personal currency.

The constant evolution of the Dragon Egg technique has been an engine of discovery. The skills and lessons learned in the process have seeded the development of new sculptural avenues, especially in the realm of Kinetic Sculpture.

When a baby learns to walk, all things fragile down low should find a higher place.