Mokai Malope is a public speaker based in Tembisa South Africa and is part of the Nongoma FM
88.3 community that developed a cultural exchange relationship with KBMF 102.5 in Butte Montana.
Mokai, who majored in Economics at the University of Pretoria, originated “Let’s Talk Butte”, a weekly
social interest interview program on KBMF, as well co-creating Copacetic Conversations.


Dark Sevier is a multi-media artist-at-large and memetic moderator based in Butte, Montana and is a creator and co-host of Copacetic Conversations.

Dark has spent the last 30 years as an emcee and facilitator hosting open mics, talk shows, comedy shows, radio shows and post-partisan dialogues.




Leif Clark serves as the founding "Logical Fallacy Referee" for the Copacetic Conversations radio program and live venue events.

This roll was created to keep potentially difficult or contentious conversations on a productive path through a forensics style structural critique.

Leif recently graduated from Butte High and has been accepted to MIT for the Fall semester.



Ainsley Hellen serves as Media Maven and project co-ordinator for Copacetic Conversations productions.

Ainsley also hosts the Jolly Roger- With Red Handed Jill radio show on KBMF.


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This is a bio for Copacetic Conversations


This is a bio for Copacetic Conversations